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TECE is a global manufacturer of sanitary products and installation systems, with “close to you” as a promise. With an eye for innovation, the company believes that it is innovation that can create a difference. Their system solutions combine permanently safe functions with a timeless design. This combination resonates with the driving force behind of the company – making good products even better. Curiosity leads to innovation. TECE has repeatedly set standards in the industry – including on an international level through unique solutions, thanks to the individual advantages that they offer. Their products are born out of immense understanding of the customer pain points through dialogues and conversations. Their sanitary products and systems are ideal with the thought of comfort meets innovation.

As dealers of TECE, we vouch and share their unique approach to their products. The need for private space has been on the rise and translates to needing a more individual and personal bathroom space. Their products are an amalgamation of 3 factors – Space and Architecture, Individuality and Design, Function and Innovation. Thereby, catering to every aspect of an individual’s need. We offer a wide range of their products to choose from and experiment to build your perfect bathroom!

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