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What is the most durable flooring for a home kitchen?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Your kitchen is the area in the house that is most prone to spills, water, damage, moisture, stains and scratches. Therefore, choosing the most durable flooring for a home kitchen becomes very important.

There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right tile for your kitchen. In this article, we shall look at a few different types of tiles, and why they are or are not preferred over others.

Here is a quick glance at the different types of tiles and some factors that need to be considered while choosing them.

Types of tiles: For a durable home kitchen flooring

Ceramic tile:

Ceramic tiles have been the most sought-after ones for kitchens owing to a multitude of reasons. They are polished and not porous. Therefore, they are highly resistant to water and stains, and are not affected badly by humidity. This makes them more durable in humid weather conditions, like in different parts of India.

A broken ceramic tile can be replaced easily. So, maintenance costs after installation are not very high. In addition to this, these tiles come in a variety of colours, so you can choose one of your choice to suit the overall theme of your house.

The only downside to ceramic tiles is the hardness. This makes it uncomfortable to stand on for a long period of time, without footwear. Price-wise, it is a mid- range material, and is affordable.

Pro Tip: Glazed ceramic tiles do not break or chip easily.


Similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are the go-to options for the average household that sees maximum traffic in the kitchen. These tiles are the most water resistant, with less than 0.5% water retention. This is the choice even for industrial kitchens owing to its strength and durability.

Floors with these tiles can be cleaned easily with a damp mop. It is highly durable and does not chip or break easily. These tiles cannot be installed easily, and are heavy. They are also slightly more expensive than ceramic tiles.

Our Choice: For Kitchen Porcelain tiles would be the perfect option.

Marble tile:

Marble tiles can give your house an expensive look. Available in a variety of colours, and a shine that adds a glossy look straight out of a magazine, marble has been synonymous with luxury and high-end kitchens.

But, looks aside, this tile is not highly recommended in many types of households.

First of all, marble tiles are very slippery even without water, and can prove hazardous to households with children or elderly people in them. It is highly susceptible to stains and scratches. It cannot be replaced tile by tile, and thus has high maintenance costs. Marble tiles, if not installed properly, can develop cracks over time.

Therefore, this is not highly recommended in the average household.


An ongoing trend is the rustic look- not only in kitchens, but throughout the house. Slate tiles are one of the top options for this purpose. They combine the natural with the contemporary, and make interestingly unique patterns, to add to the individuality of your space.

Strong and durable, slate tiles are resistant to water, spills, stains and scratches, if they are sealed properly and periodically.

The major drawback of using this tile is the high cost- it is highly expensive to buy, install and maintain.


The choice of many Indians, granite tiles come in a range of colours, and are seen as a notch above the average- priced flooring materials. These tiles can match the kitchen counters, making your kitchen look organised and aesthetically coordinated. The tile has natural patterns which lend to their natural beauty. Stain resistant and hard, these tiles are highly durable, but can be quite slippery when polished.

These tiles, though a good choice if you are looking for colour options, are more expensive than the average tiles, and have high maintenance costs.


Another luxury material, onyx is highly recommended for those who desire a pleasing look for their kitchen, but do not want to use something as common as marble or granite tiles.

However, it is not an ideal choice for kitchens that are prone to spills or scratches. These can be prevented with regular resealing and maintenance. There are many specialised cleaning solutions for these tiles.

All in all, this is an expensive, but rather unconventional choice of flooring tile.


This tile is also known as quartzite. Recently, it has been a widely acclaimed choice owing to its non- porous structure. It has an opulent look that lends a new dimension to your kitchen. Highly resistant to moisture, it is also a hygienic option because of its antibacterial properties.

This does not crack easily and can withstand heavy impacts such as children running, utensils falling, and such like. It is also cost- effective.

The downside is that these tiles are extremely slippery when wet, and any spill should be mopped up immediately to prevent an accident.


A throwback to a trend that was popular towards the end of the last century (the 1990s), cement tiles are slowly gaining popularity. For those who prefer stark minimalism over opulent extravaganza, these tiles are the best choice.

Although cement tiles work well in a traditional- style kitchen, they have a few drawbacks. They can be easily stained because they are porous. They are also not resistant to scratches. Regular resealing can help to an extent, but this results in high maintenance costs. This mid- range flooring material is found wanting in many areas, and so, is not the ideal choice.


Soft on the feet, comfortable to stand on for long periods of time, cork tiles are slowly gaining popularity for their comfort factor. Another factor that works in its favour, is its ability to regulate temperature.

But these tiles are not resistant to water even when resealed, and can thus be damaged easily. Similarly, they are highly susceptible to scratching, denting and water damage.


A great choice for homes for the elderly, these tiles are a boon for those who are accident prone. Highly durable, unique and non- slippery, these tiles have been gaining popularity as the best option, not just in bathrooms, but in kitchens as well.

They come in a range of colours, and can be customised to suit your taste. If one of these tiles is damaged, then it can be easily replaced, without affecting the others. This makes these tiles easy to maintain.

However, these tiles are extremely expensive. This is the major reason that it has not found many takers.


All things considered, the most cost-effective tiles are ceramic and porcelain ones, and they are long-lasting. But, if you are looking to set a new trend or grab eyeballs, then, there are various options that you can choose from.

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