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Stunned by the Stone’s Style!

Stone flooring and décor have always been a popular choice for many households and businesses due to their classy aesthetic. Irrespective of where they are used, be it entranceways, living room, bathroom, or kitchen, they are sure to add an ethereal effect while complementing the interiors. They do not collect dust easily and are durable, even when there is heavy friction or foot-load, making it a preferred choice. Stone floorings are also chosen for their ability to naturally cool, which is life-saver for areas facing brash heat conditions.

At Beautywares, we are the dealers for both, Natural Stone Flooring and Artificial Stone Flooring. The difference between both is in their basic formation, where natural stones are creations of nature are unique in texture and possess extraordinary colours. The artificial stones are manufactured, they are light and easier to install when compared to the natural stones. We specialize in Slate, Quarry Stone, Marble, Limestone Quartz, Granite and more. Depending on the designs of your choice, stone cladding and floorings are used to build walls, countertops, fireplaces, floors, etc.



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